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The Future of Finance

$NOTE, Built for the People

Algorand Strengths

Algorand has experienced zero downtime since its launch.
Pure Proof of Stake
PPoS provides scalability, decentralization and security.
Awarded as the greenest Blockchain with a carbon-negative network.
Low Fees
Low-cost transactions make DeFi accessible to all sizes of wallets


What is Note Finance?

Note Finance is the first ever decentralised asset management fund. Building on Algorand, we aim to be an influential DAPP for the ecosystem. Using investment strategies such as yield farming, staking, arbitrage and more we are able to gain a return on your $NOTE token. Simply Deposit $NOTE into a chosen pool, doing so will give you a receipt token $WNOTE - the pool name. This token will gain rewards from returns our treasury makes overtime. Then, once you have gained a return and want to opt out of the pool, it is as easy as withdrawing your $NOTE tokens using the same wallet. This could then be sold for $ALGO or $USDC on AlgoFi.

PGI Round (Seed)

$NOTE ASA Complete

ICO on Algolaunch

Verfied by Algoexplorer, Pera wallet, etc

Phase 1

List on Algorand DEXs and DeFi platforms:



Folks Finance

Launch DAPP


Phase 3

Phase 2

Launch on CEXs:



Add liquidity to $WNOTE - USDC

Return of 10%+ on each pool

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